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An action drama and thriller, the Shadow Line has the formula for success. It just recently starting airing on British televisions and it’s already getting massive great responses from viewers. Unlike any other shows that focus on the story of their main characters, the Shadow Line is different as it generally follows a murder investigation by a detective and a criminal to find out who is behind it. The series takes you to each and every development they get to find him. What follows is an action-filled series that just ups the mystery and thrill in each and every episode.


With the Shadow Line DVD series, you get 3 discs of all the 7 episodes. It also comes with a special feature of the deleted scenes from the series. These scenes were cut but are equally as good as the ones that got to be watched by millions of viewers on TV. A thriller starred by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christopher Eccleston, Lesley Sharp, Sir Antony Sher, Rafe Spall, Kierston Wareing and Stephen Rea, the DVD series is a must have for all your couch potato friends and family who just loves new TV shows that will prove to blow them away in every scene.


The response for the Shadow Line DVD series is mixed though. The leading comments are the good ones. They all liked the story and how it’s very different and unpredictable. Some of them saw the first few episodes on TV first and liked it that’s why they went online and got the whole series as they couldn’t wait any longer for the upcoming episodes to be shown on TV. They also liked how the series is well-made. The director and producers and all the production staff are to be credited for that. One of the negative comments of those who didn’t give the series a complete 5-star review is the cast. Some of them felt like the acting was so-so and does not do justice to the story of the series.




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